Warehouse racking: Vertical & Shelving

Intelligent use of your vertical storage space

Vertical racking is the ideal type of warehouse racking for storing and displaying long upright items

While our modular vertical racking comes in a standard width, it can be readily extended to any length or fixed together to create a double-sided rack. In addition, the dividing arms can be adjusted in terms of spacing and quantity to provide a flexible solution.
  • Enhances product presentation.
  • Ideal for a variety of products including timber, beading, plastic pipes, doors, worktops and more.
  • Extendable to any length.
  • Single or doubled-sided.
Warehouse racking systems and industrial racking

Modular vertical racking

Standard vertical racking

Vertical racking is the ideal type of warehouse racking for storing and displaying long upright items.  Our standard vertical racking comes in two standard profiles and offers a quick and simple-to-install solution.



Light duty shelving systems

Ideally suited for light and medium loads, such as small parts or archiving. A range of accessories such as dividers and labels enable easy segregation of items, to create an ordered storage solution.

Medium duty shelving systems

Ideally suited for medium loads, the long span nature of the product make it especially suitable for the manual picking of product. Medium duty shelving is capable of being built higher than the Light duty systems to maximise available height, where mechanical devises can be used to access products.

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